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Benches and Chairs

Since late last century many Australians have enjoyed traditional cast iron furniture in their gardens and courtyards. Cast iron benches and chairs from great foundries such as Coalbrookdale in England still exist today. Many date earlier than the 1890′s and their unique grace and durability have ensured their place in many fine gardens since. We are known for our range of heritage iron castings.


The metal used for our entire furniture range is ductile iron. It is not brittle like grey iron from which these castings used to be made. This alone means that your Wagga Iron Foundry bench or chair will be an heirloom for generations.


Australian cities, towns and villages are updating their main streets, or already have done so. Mostly this is for the benefit of the pedestrians for ease of shopping, and for enjoying pleasant surroundings while doing so. In keeping with the modern designs of buildings we have a ‘urban’ bench and for those who appreciate the designs from the Victorian era we have our ‘Rural’ bench.


For slats we can use a timber of your choice. Usually we use Spotted gum, Red gum or Blackbutt. These are of Australian hardwood best suited to outdoor use. A central metal strap behind the slats of the ‘Rural’ benches prevents them from warping relative to each other.