The origins of the Wagga Iron Foundry go back to 1913 when a Riverina blacksmith began casting parts for agricultural machinery behind an engineering works in Wagga Wagga. The foundry grew, and was succeeded by several owners who worked through the Depression and both Wars keeping the small business operating for the local rural community. One owner was a Wagga man called Mr George Lamprey. He became famous by casting himself aluminium teeth. He wore them for years – a credit to his foundry skills and marketing flair!

In 1939 a Melbourne-born moulder called Jack Hanks bought the foundry and built up a solid business casting Plough Shears, Gears and Sprockets. In 1962, he was joined by a partner, Robin Lindsay who carried on the business until 2002.

In 2002 The Wagga Iron Foundry was purchase by John McClelland and we still maintain traditional moulding skills that have made us famous for excellent Engineering, Industrial, Automotive, Telecommunication Manhole Lids and Frames, Mining, Agricultural, Heritage or even Artistic and Custom-made Castings.

Despite our expansion into new and more advanced products to meet the changing needs of our clients, We still offer Heritage Products and The Wagga Iron Foundry still boasts these founding attributes.